Haemophilia stories

By Goran Kapetanovic

David Banu,8

A life of uncertainty and waiting

“Imagine feeling that your own country let you down, forcing you to go elsewhere for help.”
“When he was 3 years old he asked me if i could cut his arm off and give him another one that wouldn´t hurt…”

Gert Grekow,73

Survivor of a life-long struggle

“At age 17 Gert Grekow lost his brother to haemophilia,; a condition he too suffered from and had to endure for years without medication. But today, at 73, Gert Grekow is more alive than ever. ”
“Survivor of a life-long struggle”

Cassius Lister,11

I felt constant pain

“For him this is not a disease, he doesn’t let the diagnosis win.”
“Cassius Lister is just like any 11-year-old, football-crazy kid. Haemophilia came in the way of his last game, but he still keeps on playing, and doesn’t let his condition define him.”

Boyan Boyanov,51

The psychological part of treatment is important

“A prisoner in his own house”
“Years of pain and bleeding forced 51- year- old Boyan Boyanov to live his life trapped in-between four walls. Thanks to self-medication he can now walk outside his own door, but Bulgarian bureaucracy is still putting a spanner in the works. ”

Timothée Weill,31

It's difficult to manage communication about pain

“Every minute is a challenge..”
“There is no recovery..”


Living with haemophilia in Europe